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Offline Sync for FileMaker Go

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What is GoZync?

GoZync is a scriptable, dependable sync system you can add to your FileMaker Go apps. Built by FileMaker Developers for FileMaker Developers, GoZync lets you use craft custom sycn workflows to perfectly fit your application. Its not a black box, or a server application. Its pure FileMaker through and through.
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What you get

GoZync™ is both the scripts for doing offline sync in FileMaker Go and a set of example files to get you started.

GoZync Includes...

The GoZync Engine
One new FileMaker files on your server/host machine which manage the transactions between mobile files and your hosted solution. The engine also delivers new builds of your mobile files to users' device and checks your work as you integrate GoZync.

Template Files
You'll get an example mobile file already wired with GoZync and demonstrating two of the most common sync workflows: pulling down a subset of records, and marking records as checked out.
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Use this file as a starting point for your own mobile file, or copy the GoZync code from it into your own mobile file.
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Download the free version: LowZync

Checkout our free version and see how you can add GoZync to your own files.

Sync 1 table with up to 10 mobile devices: more limitations here.

For some projects, this may be all the sync you need.
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Buy: Engine plus Device Licenses

GoZync is $399 plus $99 per connected device. Purchase as many device licenses as you need and add more at any time.

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Buy: Individual Device Licenses

Additional licenses at $99 per connected device.
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Buy: Unlimited Device License

The GoZync Engine plus an unlimited (999) number of connected devices for $3,000.00

Learn More

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See GoZync in action in this 1 min overview.
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Learn how you can script your sync workflow: GoZync details.
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Keep developing after you distribute your mobile files. Watch as we make some changes that break the sync and let GoZync help us repair that.
Find more info, case studies, requirements, and documentation at seedcode.com/gozync

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SeedCode can wire GoZync into your existing files and get you up and running. Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

I appreciate all your help. The syncing is working awesome! GoZync was central to the success of this and future products!!!
Don Blaylock

"Problem solved. GoZync works a charm. Me very happy, customer breaths sigh of relief! Thanks for being there. It's why I recommend SeedCode products to my clients. At the end of the day, I know the products are well tested, the documentation is probably the best out there, and the support is like having a friend you can run to next door."
Adrian Simpson

GoZync-Ready Apps

is an elegant little FileMaker template that lets users log time on the iPhone. Designed to be absolutely the quickest data entry experience possible, nothing gets in the way of your users entering their time.

Log time against projects, phases, tasks, and/or work types.

TimeZync is completely unlocked for you to modify, extend, and point at your own files.

Learn more about TimeZync.
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GoMaps is an unlocked template for FileMaker Go that lets you add Google Map views to your mobile solutions. Taking a list of your records as input you can now show that found set on a map within your FMGo solution. You can even customize the map’s pin colors and the pop-over details that show when you click on a pin in the map. Buttons within the map can run scripts in your FileMaker Go file, such a jumping to a record in form view, or marking a record complete.

Learn more about GoMaps.
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Sync to SQL Sources

GoZync can leverage FileMaker's ESS (External SQL Source) support to let you sync your mobile app with hosted SQL sources including Oracle and MySQL tables

Case Studies

Keep Reading

Articles and links about sync, FileMaker Go, and designing offline applications:

GoZync is a collaboration between SeedCode and Geist Interactive.

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